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There are doorbells at every home. Generally, When someone visits our home, he finds the doorbell and then rings it. It is the old way. We have come with something exciting to it. Have you ever thought, how will it be if there are automatic doorbell which rings only when a person arrives at our house?

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If we install an automatic doorbell with an object detection circuit, then the person need not to search the doorbell, the automatic doobell circuit will automatically sense the person and rings ony if there is someone.

Automatic Door Bell Using Object Detection Circuit Diagram:

Circuit Diagram of Automatic Doorbell Using Circuit Detection

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This Automatic doorbell circuit works with a pair of ultrasonic transmitters & receivers, The Ultrasonic transmitter & receivers are used to detect a person or object and the person is detected, the doorbell starts ringing automatically when the person comes in front of the house door.

The ultrasonic transmitter works at about 40 kHz frequency. The range of the Ultrasonic transmitter is only one or two meters. The range of transmitter should not be high as it may lead to false triggering, considers the objects far away the alarm rings.

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The Ultrasonic receiver module receives the power at the same frequency as of Ultransonic transmitter, so that there are less chance of false triggering and noise will be eliminated. We can use the 500K-ohm variable resistor to tune the sensitivity of the receiver.

The Automatic doorbell circuit gives the output to the buzzer circuit which acts as a doorbell. The circuit uses the IC LM324 as a receiver it has internally four op-amps. To provide high gain and noise-free output, the three op-amps out of four are used in cascaded arrangements. To avoid any interaction between our circuit and the doorbell, an Opto Coupler is also used.

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