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Hey freaks, Welcome again we have come with another awesome electronics project. Nowadays, crimes are increasing and security has become an important issue. So we came with a project on House Security, the project is GSM Home Security Alarm System. There are a lot of expensive home security devices which include features like fire, intruders, electronic door lock, heat, smoke, temperature, etc.

  • The GSM home security alarm system is made using an Arduino Uno microcontroller, a PIR motion detection sensor, and a Sim 900A GSM module.
  • When the home security alarm system is activated, it continuously checks for motion detection and when detected, it connects a call to the pre-programmed mobile number.
  • This system has only intruders feature but it can be upgraded to other alert systems like fire, smoke, etc.

About the GSM Home Security Alarm System

GSM home security alarm system
GSM Based Home Security Alarm System

The GSM based home security alarm system is designed for detecting intruders and inform the house owner by a phone call. This home security arduino project is simple, affordable, and efficient home security alarm system based on GSM. The Home Security Alarm System is implemented using Arduino, GSM Module and PIR sensor only.

Circuit Diagram of Arduino GSM Home Security Alarm System :

Circuit Diagram of GSM Based Home Security Alarm System
Description of Components :
  1. Arduino Uno – Arduino Uno is a microcontroller based on the ATmega328P. The Uno board has 14 digital input/output pins (6 of them can be used as PWM outputs), 6 analog inputs, a 16 MHz quartz crystal, a USB connection slot, a DC power jack, a reset button. In this project, the Arduino board is the main controller. It receives the signals from the PIR sensor and sends them to the GSM sim module accordingly. The serial pins of Arduino are connected to the GSM module.
  2. GSM Module (SIM 900A) – The SIM 900A is the GPRS/GSM module with a built-in RS232. It works on 900/1800MHz frequencies and has a dual-band GSM/GPRS system that works over the frequencies. With the help of RS232, the GSM module can be connected to a microcontroller or PC. Voice calls, SMS & internet access are possible with this module.
  3. PIR Motion Detection Sensor – A PIR or Passive Infra-Red Sensor is a Pyroelectric device that detects motion. It senses the changes in infrared levels emitted by objects to detect motion.

Required Hardware :

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This GSM home security system is based on Arduino, hence the connections are simple. The components are connected as –

  • The PIR sensor has a digital output pin and the pin is connected to any of the digital I/O pins of the Arduino board.
  • The GSM 900A module has two pins Rx & Tx that communicates with the microcontroller in a serial manner. And, these pins of the GSM Module are connected to the Tx & Rx pins of the Arduino Uno.
  • It is important to disconnect the GSM module while uploading the program code (sketch) to Arduino, as it might cause interference with the serial communication with the Arduino IDE.

Arduino GSM Home Security System Working :

  • The PIR sensor detects the motion by sensing the difference in infrared levels emitted by surrounding objects.
  • When there is any motion the output of the PIR sensor goes high.
  • The range of this sensor is around 6 meters.
  • The PIR sensor requires a warm-up time of 20 to 60 seconds for proper operation because the sensor calibrates its sensor according to the environment in this settling time and stabilizes the infrared detector.
  • The output of the sensor is high when it detects any motion. This is detected by Arduino, then Arduino communicates with the GSM module via serial communication to connect a call to the mobile number pre-programmed in the code.
  • The output of PIR sensor goes low from time to time, so it may mislead the arduino even when there is motion & considers that there is no motion.
  • This issue can be solved during thhe Arduino programming by ignoring the low output signals that have a short time duration than a predefined time.

Home Security Alarm System Code: Click Here

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