OSI Systems Recruiting 2023 | Hiring for Software Developer Intern | Great Opportunity for Students

OSI Systems Recruiting 2023 | Hiring for Software Developer Intern | Great Opportunity for Students
OSI Systems Recruiting 2023 | Hiring for Software Developer Intern | Great Opportunity for Students

OSI Systems Recruiting 2023 | Hiring for Software Developer Intern | Great Opportunity for Students

About OSI Systems

Working within OSI Systems and its various divisions entails a profound commitment to the well-being, security, and safety of individuals within our global community. Our core purpose revolves around crafting innovative solutions that contribute to a world that is both healthier and safer. Joining OSI Systems means becoming an integral part of a transformative force dedicated to positive change.

At OSI, we are driven by an essential mission: to enhance the safety and health of our world. However, this mission is not one that can be fulfilled in isolation. We actively seek out individuals of exceptional talent and dedication, individuals who are eager to collaborate with us in the development, promotion, and support of our cutting-edge solutions in security and healthcare.

If you are drawn to a dynamic and stimulating environment, one that fosters both challenge and creativity, then consider becoming a part of one of the most esteemed teams in the field. We offer an environment that thrives on challenges, accompanied by competitive compensation and a comprehensive benefits package. Your contributions at OSI will go beyond a career – they will become a vital force for change, directly shaping a safer, healthier tomorrow for our global society.

Job Description

The intern’s role centers around enhancing the product by creating new features and tools. They will actively engage in enhancing code quality through tasks like crafting unit test cases using the JUnit framework for Java code, provided by the team, and resolving static code analysis concerns. Effective collaboration with the development team is crucial for composing impactful code and robust unit tests, amplifying code coverage, and identifying glitches in the early phases of development. Adherence to the organization’s standards, schedules, and quality protocols is imperative, ensuring a disciplined and systematic approach to their work.



Candidates should have knowledge in the following skills and technologies:

Core Java:

  • Multi-Threading concepts – Executor framework
  • Data structures and collections framework

Operating System: Windows

MVC Framework: Spring boot

Persistence Frameworks: Hibernate

Java Frameworks: Junit

Web Services: knowledge on RESTful Web Services Using Spring MVC, SOAP

Scripting Languages:   JSON

IDE Tools: Eclipse IDE

Configuration Management Tools: knowledge on GIT, and CI tools like Jenkins 

Databases: MS SQL server , Postgres, SQL Server Queries, Stored procedures

*Java EE certification highly preferred

Soft Skills

  • Actively engage in voicing concerns and seeking proactive assistance from colleagues when encountering challenges, promoting a collaborative problem-solving approach.
  • Exhibit strong verbal and written communication skills, paired with excellent teamwork abilities, fostering clear and productive interactions within the team.
  • Display adeptness in managing time efficiently and maintaining organizational order, ensuring tasks are completed promptly and resources are well-coordinated.
  • Demonstrate the capability to work within set timelines, meeting deadlines consistently while maintaining a focus on delivering quality outcomes.


  • Comprehensive Product Familiarity: Grasp product functionalities and code intricacies extensively to facilitate the creation of innovative features and tools.
  • Diverse Unit Testing: Competently craft unit test cases, encompassing positive, negative, and edge conditions, utilizing the JUnit framework.
  • Thorough Debugging and Unit Testing: Proficiently engage in unit testing and debugging of live software, ensuring robust performance.
  • Coverage Understanding: Possess awareness of code coverage tools, like cobertura, for assessing the extent of code testing.
  • Punctual Task Completion: Accomplish assigned tasks promptly, aligning with relevant processes and protocols.
  • Tool Proficiency: Demonstrate proficiency in employing software configuration management, defect tracking, static code analysis, and debugging tools effectively.


  • B.E/B.Tech or M.E/M.Tech in the disciplines of CSE or MCA degree or equivalent experience.
  • Required 0 to 1 years of Software development experience using several of the skills and technologies mentioned below

“Join OSI Systems and unlock a world of innovation and opportunity. Our team thrives on cutting-edge technology, fostering a collaborative environment where your skills will flourish. Embrace a journey of growth and impact with us.”

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