Mindtree Recruitment 2023 | Opportunity for all | Associate Software Engineer

LTIMindtree Off Campus Drive 2023 | Hiring for Software developers | Opportunity for graduates

Mindtree Recruitment 2023 | Opportunity for all | Associate Software Engineer

About Mindtree

Mindtree Limited, headquartered in Mumbai, stands as a distinguished Indian multinational powerhouse, specializing in a diverse range of information technology services and consultancy. Established in 1996, the company has progressively flourished and currently operates as a subsidiary under the umbrella of Larsen & Toubro.

With a robust workforce exceeding 82,000 professionals, Mindtree has emerged as a formidable player in the global technology landscape. Its remarkable growth trajectory and expansive employee base signify its profound impact on the employment sector and the economy at large. The company’s association with Larsen & Toubro further underscores its credibility and reach.

Mindtree’s prominence extends to its recognition as a top-tier participant in the sphere of Big Tech in India. Its innovative approach, technical excellence, and a wide spectrum of offerings have positioned it as a significant contributor to the country’s technology prowess. The company’s dedication to IT services and consultancy has enabled it to effectively address complex challenges faced by its diverse clientele.

Mindtree’s success story is marked by its consistent ability to deliver cutting-edge technological solutions, thereby fostering growth for both its clients and itself. Its multifaceted capabilities extend across various domains, enabling it to adapt to evolving industry trends and client requirements.

Furthermore, Mindtree’s global footprint signifies its influence on the international stage, further bolstering India’s reputation as a technology-driven nation. By synergizing the strengths of Larsen & Toubro and leveraging its expansive employee talent pool, Mindtree has carved a distinctive niche for itself in the competitive IT landscape. As the company continues to innovate, collaborate, and deliver value, it reinforces its integral role in shaping the digital future of India and beyond.

Job Description

As a Associate Principal- Software Engineer these are the requirements :-

  • Strong experience in backend reactive programming languages: Kotlin, Java 8+, and a solid grasp of reactive programming concepts: The candidate should possess a substantial background in coding using reactive programming languages, namely Kotlin and Java 8+. Furthermore, they should have a comprehensive understanding of reactive programming principles, allowing them to build efficient and responsive applications that can handle a high load of concurrent tasks.
  • Proven track record of developing lightweight reactive microservices using frameworks like Vert.x, Quarkus, Micronaut, or Spring Boot: The ideal candidate should have a track record of successfully designing and implementing lightweight, responsive microservices. This involves using frameworks like Vert.x, Quarkus, Micronaut, or Spring Boot to create modular and scalable components that contribute to the larger system’s efficiency and functionality.
  • Deep understanding of event-driven architecture and messaging systems, including proficiency with Kafka, webhooks, and asynchronous API design: The candidate should demonstrate a comprehensive comprehension of event-driven architecture, which involves designing systems that respond to and trigger events. They should be proficient in using messaging systems like Kafka, which facilitate seamless communication between various components. Additionally, expertise in asynchronous API design and webhooks is necessary for building systems that can effectively handle non-blocking operations and external triggers.
  • Familiarity with PostgreSQL or equivalent relational databases, as well as exposure to NoSQL databases and GraphQL: The candidate should be well-versed in using relational databases like PostgreSQL, showcasing their ability to manage structured data effectively. Familiarity with NoSQL databases and GraphQL further highlights their versatility and adaptability in handling different types of data storage and retrieval needs.
  • Experience working as an individual contributor within a multi-functional agile team, with a preference for candidates with FinTech experience: The candidate’s prior experience as an individual contributor within a cross-functional agile team demonstrates their ability to work collaboratively and efficiently. A preference for those with FinTech experience reflects the importance of understanding the intricacies of the financial technology sector.
  • Demonstrated ability to support critical platforms with a focus on high availability and service continuity: The candidate should have a proven ability to contribute to the development and maintenance of critical platforms. Their experience in ensuring high availability and service continuity underscores their commitment to delivering reliable and resilient solutions.
  • Strong expertise in cloud-based architecture and distributed systems: Proficiency in designing solutions that leverage cloud-based architecture and distributed systems is crucial. This expertise enables the candidate to create scalable and flexible systems that can handle diverse workloads across various geographical locations.
  • Exceptional written and communication skills, with the capacity to express dissenting opinions constructively: Effective communication, both written and verbal, is vital. The candidate’s ability to express differing viewpoints constructively promotes healthy discussions within the team and aids in finding optimal solutions.
  • Self-directed approach, comfortable with ambiguity and innovation, and capable of navigating the innovation process: A self-directed approach is valuable, particularly in situations of ambiguity and innovation. The candidate’s comfort with navigating uncertain situations and willingness to explore new ideas contribute to a dynamic and forward-thinking work environment.
  • A commitment to learning and an open-mindedness to switch approaches and experiment: The candidate’s dedication to continuous learning and open-mindedness to exploring different approaches highlight their adaptability and willingness to embrace change and growth.
  • Strong emphasis on collaboration and prioritizing team interests over self: The candidate’s emphasis on collaboration underscores their understanding of the importance of working collectively to achieve common goals. Their willingness to prioritize the team’s interests showcases their dedication to fostering a harmonious and productive team environment.

“Fostering Diversity, Empowering Success: Join Mindtree to be part of an inclusive workforce where individual differences are celebrated, strengths are amplified, and opportunities are boundless.”

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