Equiniti Recruitment 2023 | Opportunity for Graduates | Software Engineer Trainee

Equiniti Recruiting Graduates | Software Engineer Trainee

Equiniti Recruitment 2023 | Opportunity for Graduates | Software Engineer Trainee

About Equiniti

At the heart of Equiniti operations lies a commitment to facilitating meaningful connections between businesses and their target markets, while also fostering engaging relationships between customers and their investments. EQ’s overarching mission revolves around driving organizational growth and facilitating seamless transformation. This ambitious objective underlines our dedication to facilitating success for businesses and individuals alike, thereby crafting favorable and constructive experiences for the vast number of individuals who rely on us as a cornerstone for a sustainable future.

Our extensive portfolio of services encompasses a range of crucial functions. One of EQ’s primary roles is to serve as a conduit for share registration, streamlining the complex process of recording and managing share ownership. Through this service, we not only assist companies in maintaining accurate records but also provide shareholders with a transparent and efficient means of tracking their investments.

Moreover, EQ’s multifaceted offerings extend to the realm of rewards and benefits delivery. This facet plays a pivotal role in enhancing the relationship between organizations and their workforce by providing tailored and valuable incentives that boost employee satisfaction and motivation.

A core aspect of our expertise lies in the development of cutting-edge solutions for customer management within regulated industries. We are at the forefront of crafting innovative strategies that allow businesses to navigate intricate regulatory landscapes while simultaneously providing exemplary customer experiences.

Notably, our impact extends across international boundaries, with a strong presence in both the UK and the US. Our partnerships with some of the most influential organizations in these regions translate to a substantial engagement with a staggering 29 million shareholders, pensioners, and employees. This level of engagement signifies the scale of our influence and underscores our pivotal role in managing crucial relationships that drive economic growth and stability.

In conclusion, Equiniti’s vision encompasses a holistic approach to driving business success, ensuring individual prosperity, and fostering positive experiences for all stakeholders involved. Through our diverse range of services, extensive expertise, and extensive partnerships, we are poised to continue shaping a future characterized by sustainable growth, innovation, and enduring success.

Job Description

Roles and Responsibilities

The role of the successful candidate will involve active collaboration with a Technical Lead or Senior Engineer, who will provide guidance and mentorship. Within this framework, the candidate’s responsibilities encompass a diverse array of crucial tasks in our software development lifecycle:

  1. Work Package Delivery: The candidate will assume the responsibility of delivering work packages, ranging in complexity from straightforward to moderately intricate. It is imperative that these deliverables meet predefined quality standards. By diligently executing tasks, following best practices, and adhering to established coding guidelines, the candidate will contribute significantly to the efficiency and effectiveness of our software development initiatives. This involves not only writing code but also crafting solutions that align with the project’s overarching goals.
  2. Issue Troubleshooting: The candidate will play a key role in maintaining the robustness of our applications. They will actively engage in troubleshooting application issues across various environments, including both production and lower developmental settings. By promptly identifying the root causes of problems and implementing effective solutions, the candidate will help ensure the seamless operation of our software systems. This troubleshooting ability is pivotal in safeguarding the reliability and stability of our applications, thereby enhancing the end-user experience.
  3. Documentation and Unit Testing: A fundamental aspect of the role involves learning to document software implementations comprehensively. This documentation serves as a vital resource for future reference, aiding in knowledge sharing, system maintenance, and collaboration among team members. Additionally, the candidate will be responsible for unit testing their software creations. By rigorously testing their code, they will validate that it functions as intended and identify and rectify any defects, ensuring the overall quality of the software.
  4. Collaboration and Communication: Effective collaboration is central to our software delivery process. The candidate will work closely with peers, testers, and colleagues across different roles. By fostering open lines of communication, sharing insights, and cooperating seamlessly with others, the candidate will contribute to a cohesive software development ecosystem. This collaborative approach is vital in aligning efforts, identifying potential challenges early, and achieving successful project outcomes.

Technical skills required (Mandatory)

  1. Object Oriented Programming: Proficiency in designing and structuring code using object-oriented principles, enabling efficient and modular software development for enhanced maintainability and scalability.
  2. .Net Framework 4.0 & above: A strong grasp of the .NET framework versions 4.0 and higher, allowing for the development of robust and feature-rich applications within a modern software ecosystem.
  3. C#: Expertise in the C# programming language, enabling the creation of efficient, high-performance applications with a focus on readability and maintainability.
  4. ASP.NET WCF: In-depth knowledge of ASP.NET Web Communication Foundation (WCF) to build secure and interoperable services that facilitate seamless communication between applications.
  5. Html5, CSS3, JavaScript and JQuery: Proficiency in front-end technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery, to craft engaging and responsive user interfaces that enhance the overall user experience.
  6. SQL Server (2019 desirable): Familiarity with SQL Server, with a preference for version 2019, to design, manage, and optimize relational databases, ensuring efficient data storage and retrieval.
  7. Microsoft Visual Studio (2019 desirable): Experience with Microsoft Visual Studio, particularly the 2019 version, to leverage a powerful integrated development environment for efficient coding, debugging, and collaboration.
  8. Team Foundation Server: Proficiency in utilizing Team Foundation Server for version control, collaborative software development, and project management, enhancing team coordination and codebase management.

Desirable skills

  1. Relevant Microsoft Certification: Possession of a pertinent Microsoft certification, validating expertise and competency in utilizing Microsoft technologies, enhancing credibility in applying industry-standard practices.
  2. Knowledge on Design Principles and Patterns: Familiarity with software design principles and patterns, enabling the creation of well-structured, maintainable, and scalable applications through proven architectural methodologies.
  3. ORM Tools – Entity Framework: Proficiency in Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) using Entity Framework, streamlining database interactions and enhancing productivity by mapping database entities to object-oriented code.
  4. Web API and RESTful Service: Expertise in developing Web APIs and RESTful services, facilitating efficient communication between applications over HTTP, and adhering to REST architectural principles for robust and scalable interactions.
  5. Knowledge in SharePoint: Understanding of SharePoint, a collaborative platform, to facilitate document management, content sharing, and team collaboration within an organization, enhancing productivity and information management.

Requirements and Qualifications

The successful candidate will demonstrate the following experience, skills and behaviours:

  1. Should have a Bachelors degree in Science or Engineering with good academic record.
  2. Should have strong analytical and problem solving skills
  3. Able to work under supervision / guidance of senior colleagues.
  4. Dedication and commitment to delivery work that meets time and quality targets
  5. Highly flexible, including willingness to work away from home base and out of hours.
  6. Communicate fluently
  7. Should be able to rapidly absorb technical information and apply it effectively.
  8. Be a good team player

“Fostering Diversity, Empowering Success: Join Equiniti to be part of an inclusive workforce where individual differences are celebrated, strengths are amplified, and opportunities are boundless.”

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