Rentokil PCI Recruiting 2023 | Hiring for Android Developer | Great Opportunity for Any Graduate

Rentokil PCI Recruiting 2023 | Hiring for Android Developer | Great Opportunity for Any Graduate
Rentokil PCI Recruiting 2023 | Hiring for Android Developer | Great Opportunity for Any Graduate

Rentokil PCI Recruiting 2023 | Hiring for Android Developer | Great Opportunity for Any Graduate

About Rentokil PCI

Rentokil PCI stands as the preeminent pest control service provider in India, emerging as a dynamic amalgamation of Pest Control India and Rentokil, two stalwarts in the pest control industry. The collaboration birthed in 2017 has not only synergized their expertise but has also fortified their commitment to excellence. Combining Pest Control India’s domestic prominence with Rentokil’s global leadership has given rise to a formidable force in pest management.

With a resolute aspiration to redefine customer service paradigms, Rentokil PCI operates extensively across 250 locations within India. The partnership thrives on the ethos of knowledge exchange, incorporating best practices, pioneering innovations, and the integration of cutting-edge digital technologies. This confluence enables Rentokil PCI to not only address pest-related challenges but also to proactively anticipate and counter emerging issues.

Rentokil PCI’s mission extends beyond pest control; it’s a holistic endeavor to enhance the quality of life for individuals and businesses across India. By marrying local proficiency with global insights, the venture strives to set unprecedented benchmarks in the domain, while fostering sustainable practices and ensuring the well-being of both its clientele and the environment.

Job Description

Job Role

The Junior Android Developer holds a pivotal role in crafting mobile applications. Under the supervision of the Asia-based Application Development and Service Delivery Manager, this role involves contributing to the development process. This entails functioning within a collaborative multi-functional team environment, necessitating effective coordination with both internal colleagues and external partners. The position encompasses responsibilities such as coding, testing, and troubleshooting to ensure the seamless creation and functionality of Android applications. The Junior Android Developer thus plays a vital part in the overall app development cycle, fostering teamwork and alignment to deliver high-quality mobile solutions.

Experience: 1-2 years

Location: Mumbai, India


  • Develop advanced Android applications.
  • Team up with cross-functional groups for feature creation.
  • Integrate external data sources and APIs.
  • Rigorously test code for reliability and usability.
  • Enhance app performance and fix bugs.
  • Skillfully utilize code versioning tools like Git.

Core Competencies

  • Flexibility and adaptability.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Good in communication


  • B.E/ Master of computer science
  • Proficiency in Java, Kotlin, or C++.
  • Ability to use the Android Studio, including the Android SDK, with ease


  • Competitive base salary.
  • Yearly bonus tied to performance.
  • Coverage under group mediclaim insurance.
  • Reimbursement for travel expenses.
  • Commitment to equal opportunities.

Rentokil Initial is dedicated to upholding equal opportunities and preventing any form of discrimination among its employees. Our strong commitment to workplace diversity underscores our genuine intent to foster an inclusive atmosphere. This environment values and celebrates the unique distinctions of each individual, recognizing their diverse strengths. Our primary goal is to offer every colleague the chance to realize their utmost potential. We firmly believe in creating a workplace that welcomes and embraces differences, ensuring that everyone feels respected and valued. By prioritizing diversity and inclusion, we aim to establish a harmonious workplace where every individual’s contributions are cherished, and all employees have the opportunity to thrive and succeed.

“Fostering Diversity, Empowering Success: Join Rentokil PCI to be part of an inclusive workforce where individual differences are celebrated, strengths are amplified, and opportunities are boundless.”

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