CISCO Hiring Engineers | Opportunity for All | Software Engineer Role


CISCO Hiring Engineers | Opportunity for All | Software Engineer Role


CISCO Hiring Engineers | Opportunity for All | Software Engineer Role. – In 1984, Len Bosack and his wife Sandy Lerner, both employed at Stanford University, encountered a fundamental challenge that would ultimately give birth to the multiprotocol router, a revolutionary innovation that would reshape the landscape of networking technology. Their journey exemplifies Cisco’s commitment to connecting the unconnected and its dedication to customer-centric solutions.

The genesis of this story lies in the simple desire of two individuals to communicate via email while situated in different offices at Stanford. However, the existing technological infrastructure presented a significant barrier. At the time, disparate local area protocols dominated the networking landscape, making it impossible for Len and Sandy to exchange messages effortlessly.

Determined to overcome this challenge, Bosack and Lerner embarked on a mission to develop a solution that could bridge the technological divide. Their entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to problem-solving were deeply ingrained in Cisco’s DNA from the outset. They understood that by connecting these disparate networks, they could not only facilitate their own communication but also lay the foundation for a transformative technology.

The result of their perseverance and innovation was the birth of the multiprotocol router, a groundbreaking device capable of bridging different networking protocols. This invention didn’t just solve a personal communication problem; it had far-reaching implications for businesses and institutions worldwide. Cisco recognized the potential of this technology to transform the networking industry, and this moment marked the company’s pivot towards becoming a global leader in networking solutions.

Cisco’s success since its founding in 1984 has been underpinned by its unwavering commitment to understanding and addressing the needs of its customers. By creating long-lasting partnerships and working collaboratively to solve business challenges, Cisco has continued to innovate and adapt, seizing opportunities to connect the unconnected and drive success for its customers. The multiprotocol router was just the beginning of a journey that has allowed Cisco to shape the future of connectivity and technology.

Job Description

Join Cisco as a Software Developer and thrive in our dynamic, start-up-like environment. You’ll define, design, and deliver cutting-edge platforms for Nextgen ASICs in Data Centre Switch Platforms. Take ownership of substantial software components, showcasing your attention to detail and love for diving deep into technology. Your role involves learning a wide range of technologies, including C/C++, strong OS and system architecture knowledge, data structures and algorithms, experience with switches, routers, embedded systems, kernel drivers, and proficiency in Python/Go programming. If you’re passionate about Linux kernel code/KLMs development come drive innovation with us!

Requirements / Qualifications

  • Strong C/C++ Skills: This skill set encompasses a deep command of the C and C++ programming languages, which are foundational for developing software in the networking domain. As a software developer at Cisco, you’ll need to leverage these languages to create efficient, reliable, and high-performance solutions. Proficiency in C/C++ enables you to work with low-level system components and optimize code for Data Centre Switch Platforms, ensuring they meet the stringent demands of modern networking.
  • Strong OS and System Architecture Knowledge: A robust understanding of operating systems (OS) and system architecture is vital for designing software that seamlessly integrates with Cisco’s networking products. This knowledge allows you to craft software that aligns with the intricacies of the hardware, optimizing performance and ensuring compatibility. It’s especially crucial when developing software for complex networking systems where system architecture intricacies can significantly impact functionality.
  • Sound Background in Data Structures and Algorithms: Proficiency in data structures and algorithms is essential for creating efficient and scalable software solutions. In the context of Cisco, this skill enables you to design networking software that can handle massive data flows, routing decisions, and other critical operations with precision and speed. A solid grasp of data structures and algorithms empowers you to craft software that meets the high-performance standards of Cisco’s Data Centre Switch Platforms.
  • Experience on Switches, Routers, Embedded Systems, Kernel Drivers: Working knowledge of switches, routers, embedded systems, and kernel drivers is invaluable when developing networking software. Understanding the nuances of these components allows you to create software that integrates seamlessly with Cisco’s networking products. You can optimize performance, address compatibility issues, and fine-tune your software to work flawlessly within Cisco’s networking ecosystem.
  • Python/Go Programming: Proficiency in Python and Go programming languages is indispensable for a modern software developer. Python’s versatility and Go’s efficiency make them valuable tools for building scalable and adaptable software solutions. In Cisco’s context, these languages are used for creating automation scripts, network management tools, and applications that enhance the functionality of networking products.
  • Linux Kernel Code/KLMs Development: Experience in Linux kernel code and Kernel Loadable Modules (KLMs) development is a specialized skill critical for enhancing the functionality and performance of Cisco’s networking software running on Linux-based platforms. This involves low-level programming within the Linux kernel, enabling you to implement features, drivers, and optimizations to meet the specific needs of Cisco’s networking solutions.

“Join Cisco’s innovation-driven team and unleash your expertise in C/C++, system architecture, and more. Shape the future of networking technology while diving deep into the bits and bytes that power Nextgen ASICs and Data Centre Switch Platforms.”

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