R1 RCM Recruitment 2023 | Hiring Trainee Software Engineer| Great Opportunity for Graduates

R1 RCM Recruitment 2023 | Hiring Trainee Software Engineer| Great Opportunity for Graduates
R1 RCM Recruitment 2023 | Hiring Trainee Software Engineer| Great Opportunity for Graduates

R1 RCM Recruitment 2023 | Hiring Trainee Software Engineer| Great Opportunity for Graduates

About R1 RCM

R1 RCM stands as a prominent leader in offering technology-driven solutions that have a transformative impact on the healthcare industry. By focusing on enhancing the patient experience and bolstering the financial performance of hospitals, health systems, and medical groups, R1 RCM aligns its mission with simplifying healthcare processes. This, in turn, allows healthcare providers and patients to dedicate their attention to what truly matters.

R1 RCM distinguishes itself through its adept and scalable operating models that seamlessly integrate with the existing infrastructure of healthcare organizations. This integration leads to swift and sustainable enhancements in net patient revenue and cash flows while simultaneously curbing operational costs. Notably, this progress is achieved while elevating the overall patient experience.

Undoubtedly, R1 RCM places a premium on its commitment to serving the best interests of its clients, patients, and employees. With a global workforce surpassing 27,000 individuals, the company’s headquarters near Salt Lake City, Utah serves as a hub for its dynamic operations. Its presence on the Nasdaq stock exchange under the ticker symbol “RCM” underscores its status as a publicly traded entity.

In essence, R1 RCM’s profound influence lies in its ability to fuse technology, healthcare expertise, and a dedication to improvement. Through these means, the company drives positive change across the healthcare landscape, facilitating more streamlined operations, enhanced financial outcomes, and ultimately an improved patient experience.

Job Description

In a dynamic healthcare landscape, our team harnesses collective expertise to provide inventive solutions. As we expand rapidly, we prioritize learning and advancement via enriching interactions, cooperative ventures, and the latitude to explore professional passions. Our associates play a pivotal role, driving innovation and crafting impactful contributions within the global communities we serve. Rooted in a culture of excellence, we propel customer triumph and elevate patient care standards. We’re committed to community betterment, underscored by an appealing benefits package, exemplifying our dedication to giving back and fostering success.

Job Type: Full-Time

Location: Noida, India

Job Role

As a Trainee Software Engineer, you’ll embark on a transformative learning journey to cultivate technical skills and hands-on experience. Collaborating with seasoned professionals, you’ll contribute to the development, testing, and maintenance of software solutions. Your role involves problem-solving, code refinement, and innovation within a dynamic team environment. Through mentorship and project involvement, you’ll gain insights into software development lifecycle while actively participating in creating cutting-edge solutions. This role propels your growth as a proficient software engineer, shaping your expertise in coding, debugging, and software architecture, ultimately contributing to the team’s success and the advancement of technological innovation.


  • Academic Excellence: Need first division in 10th, 12th, and Graduation exams.
  • Fresh Graduates: B.E/B. Tech or equivalent, graduating in 2023.
  • Eligible Branches: Computer Science, IT, Electronics, and Telecommunication.
  • Programming Skills: Proficiency in one object-oriented programming language and its principles.
  • Strong Foundation: Understanding of data structures, algorithms, and database concepts.
  • Communication Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication.
  • Detail-Oriented: Strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and ability to multitask.

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