EdgeVerve Recruitment 2023 | Hiring for Product Engineer | Great Opportunity for Engineers

EdgeVerve Recruitment 2023 | Hiring for Product Engineer | Great Opportunity for Engineers
EdgeVerve Recruitment 2023 | Hiring for Product Engineer | Great Opportunity for Engineers

EdgeVerve Recruitment 2023 | Hiring for Product Engineer | Great Opportunity for Engineers

About EdgeVerve

At EdgeVerve, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the way enterprises operate, ushering in a new era of efficiency and innovation. Our mission is to empower our clients to transcend traditional business paradigms, embrace cutting-edge technologies, and achieve unprecedented levels of success through our exceptional digital platforms.

Our range of digital platforms serves as the cornerstone for our clients’ transformative journeys. We understand that a connected enterprise is a powerful one, and as such, we harness the capabilities of these platforms to propel businesses toward new horizons. By harnessing the synergy between technology and human potential, we craft seamless customer experiences that resonate on a profound level, all while capitalizing on the extensive networks that underpin modern industries.

Central to our approach is the integration of native AI and automation capabilities, meticulously engineered with security and scalability in mind. These digital platforms are not just tools but strategic enablers, allowing enterprises to streamline and automate their processes, unlock the hidden potential within unstructured data, and seamlessly integrate into dynamic value networks.

We take pride in being agents of digital transformation, translating our clients’ visions of connected enterprises into tangible reality. Our platforms provide actionable intelligence, equipping decision-makers with the insights they need to drive progress. By championing connectivity, innovation, and intelligence, we are at the forefront of ushering businesses into the future, one where the possibilities are boundless and where the potential for growth knows no bounds.

Job Description

Role: Member- Product Engineering

Location: Bangalore, Pune

Practice Unit: EDGEEV

State / Region / Province: KARNATAKA, MAHARASHTRA

Job Role

A Product Engineer plays a pivotal role in the creation and evolution of innovative products. Responsible for translating conceptual ideas into tangible realities, they navigate the entire product lifecycle. Beginning with meticulous design and development, they collaborate closely with cross-functional teams to ensure the product aligns with market needs and business objectives.

Product Engineers blend technical expertise with creativity, devising solutions that balance functionality, usability, and aesthetics. They prototype, test, and refine designs, ensuring optimal performance and user satisfaction. Their role extends beyond creation, encompassing continuous improvement and troubleshooting during production.

Incorporating a diverse skill set, Product Engineers must excel in problem-solving, programming, and project management. They stay attuned to technological advancements and market trends, enabling them to adapt products to changing landscapes. Ultimately, a Product Engineer’s contribution shapes the success of products, driving innovation and enhancing user experiences in today’s dynamic and competitive market.


  • Proficient in Java programming with a focus on clean code.
  • Skilled in APIs and microservices development.
  • Expertise in Spring and Spring Boot frameworks.
  • Hands-on experience creating Java applications and REST services.
  • Effective communication abilities.
  • Swift comprehension and implementation of requirements and designs.
  • Solid design and development experience.
  • Strong managerial skills.

More Skills

  • Familiarity with open source tools like Jersey and Apache Camel.
  • Practical proficiency in Eclipse, Postman, Git, Gradle, and code analysis tools.
  • Competence in Linux commands, SQL scripts, and Agile Scrum methodology.
  • Strong troubleshooting abilities.

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