Microsoft Azure Developer League | Microsoft Skill Up September Challenge

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Microsoft Azure Developer League 2021, Microsoft Skill up September, Microsoft azure developer league challenge 2021, Microsoft developer league registration, Azure Developer League 2021 Registration – Microsoft again comes up with Developer League Challenge, register and skill up your cloud computing skills with Microsoft Azure and Rediscover the joy of learning.

er League 2021, Microsoft Skill up September, Microsoft azure developer league challenge 2021,  Microsoft developer league registration, Azure Developer League 2021 Registration
Microsoft Azure Developer League | Microsft Skill Up September Challenge

There is a teacher in all of us, reminding us to challenge ourselves and keep learning in the pursuit to realize our highest potential in life. As we leave our institutions behind, we tend to forget the importance of continuously upskilling to stay relevant.

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This Teacher’s Day, be your own Teacher.

Upskill and boost your career

Complete a curated collection of Microsoft Learn modules and get started on the cloud-centered certification learning path.

Update your Microsoft Azure skills on LinkedIn and get noticed by recruiters.

What is Azure Developer League?

The Cloud Skills Challenge is hosted on Microsoft Learn, which provides free, interactive learning through a combination of bite-sized tutorials, browser-based coding/scripting environments, and task-based badges and trophies.

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Participate in the Cloud Skills Challenge and build your in-demand technical skills on AI, DevOps, Cloud Native, Kubernetes, Spring Cloud, with self-paced curated learning paths.

Complete any one or more challenges between September 5 and September 11 and update your skills on LinkedIn before September 12, to collect your Free exam voucher*

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Get Certified and celebrate your accomplishment with a complimentary meal on us.*

How to Register for Azure Developer League?

Get started in few easy steps:

  1. Sign in or create a new account on Microsoft Learn –

2. Sign up for the Cloud Skills Challenge you are interested in –

3. Add yourself to the leaderboard by joining any one of the given challenges

  • Start your learning journey:
    • Complete all modules within your selected challenge
    • Use the leaderboard specific to your challenge to track your progress of the required modules
    • Update your skills on LinkedIn and share your LinkedIn url here to collect your exam voucher To know more visit the rules & regulations section

Microsoft Cloud Skills Challenges for Azure Developer League 2021

Popular Topics :

1. Azure Administrator

  • Learn how to administer your cloud environment effectively across compute, networking, storage, and security.

2. Azure for Developers

  • Learn about deploying web apps on the cloud, accelerating development via serverless, and interacting with different kinds of data & storage. Get the essential knowledge and skills you need for a career in cloud development.

3. Cloud Native Development

  • Learn how to build scalable cloud-native apps with Azure fully managed services and microservice-based cloud-native architecture.

4. Cloud Security

  • Learn how to implement security controls and threat protection, manage identity and access, protect data, applications, and networks in the cloud.

5. Data Science and AI

  • Learn the basics of data science and how to design and implement machine learning models in Azure.

6. DevOps and GitHub

  • Learn the fundamentals of GitHub and design strategies for collaboration, infrastructure, source control, security, CI, testing, delivery, monitoring, and feedback.

7. Well-Architected Applications

  • Learn how to design and build secure, scalable, high-performing solutions in Azure.

Advanced Topics :

1. Dockerized Web Applications

  • Learn how to build, deploy and scale a dockerized web application.

2. Cognitive Services and Deep Learning 

  • Azure Cognitive Services are building blocks of AI functionality that you can integrate into your applications. In this learning path, you’ll learn how to provision, secure. monitor, and deploy cognitive services resources and use them to build intelligent solutions.

3. Machine Learning and Visualization

  • Learn how to enable the creation and deployment of models at scale using automated and reproducible machine learning workflows and how to visualize data with Power BI.

4. Security in Azure Kubernetes Service

  • Learn how to securely store application Secrets and configurations using native Kubernetes resources in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

5. Spring Boot apps on Azure Spring Cloud

  • Azure Spring Cloud (ASC) is a managed service to run Spring Boot microservices, jointly created and supported by Microsoft and Pivotal. This course module is aimed at helping you get started on using Azure Spring Cloud by providing you with the key concepts and tools to deploy Spring Boot microservices to Azure Spring Cloud.

Power Platform & Microsoft 365:

Developing for Microsoft Teams

  • Microsoft Teams is an extensible platform. Learn how to design, build, test, and maintain applications that are optimized for the productivity and collaboration needs of the organization.

Fusion development 

  • This learning path will teach you how to build better applications, faster by bringing together professional developers with citizen, or low-code, developers; using pro-code tools and frameworks like JavaScript, ASP.NET Core web APIs, and Azure API Management.

Prizes, Rules & Regulation of Azure Developer League :

  • Only completed challenges will be considered for the monthly cloud skills challenges sweepstakes and related giveaway
  • Do not change your Microsoft Learn Username or Display name during the contest period to avoid losing your progress
  • Participants have to complete at least one of the challenges and update their skills on LinkedIn here, to enter the sweepstake.
  • To qualify for your exam voucher for September, you must update the skills on LinkedIn on or before September 12, 2021 and share the skills on LinkedIn here
  • Upon validation of entries, the exam voucher will be issued between Sept 12-Sept 15
  • How to qualify for a complimentary meal voucher in 3 easy steps:
    1. Use the exam voucher and book your exam for a date on or before September 30, 2021
    2. Email us proof of exam booking at along with your MSLearn UserName
    3. All eligible entries will be mailed a Swiggy meal voucher worth INR1000. vouchers will be shared in the first week of October.*
  • The monthly sweepstake will take place in the last week of every month. All eligible entries until 25th of the month will be considered for the sweepstake
  • You must fulfil the minimum qualifying criteria in order to win. Any attempt to directly enter the sweepstakes without registering for the program and completing the challenges will be disqualified
  • Microsoft reserves the right to modify, change the prize and substitute with an alternative item of the same value or more
  • To participate, you have to be an Indian resident above the age of 18 years
  • The contest is open for professional developers only. Students are welcome to take up the courses and learn but will not be eligible for the prize entry

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