Microcontrollers: First No Code Voice AI Platform


The first no code voice AI platform announced by Picvoice public availability of Shepherd for building voice interfaces on Microcontrollers.

Picovoice Shepherd enables creating voice AI similar to Google Assistant or Alexa that runs on microcontrollers interestingly without writing a code, even a single line. Picovoice Shepherd AI runs without the requirement of internet connectivity, entirely on-device.

Picovoice builds the Edge voice interfaces that are private, reliable, zero-latency, & cost-effective.

It is best cloud based alternatives. And first no code voice AI platform.

The Microcontrollers modules are low-power, small, and cost-effective. The microcontrollers have already been implemented into billions of computers & devices. There are various technical-complexities and specialized skills that are required to train and deploy the AI voice into microcontrollers.

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Shepherd: With Picovoice Console together, streamlines are adding voice AI into microcontrollers. Shepherd simplifies a process that would have taken months for the teams of engineers and R&D scientists, now it can be done by any individual in an hour. This no-code voice AI platform of Shepherd enables product owners, developers, and designers to create a voice AI interface that runs entirely on a power-efficient and cost-effective microcontroller. Interestingly, no coding, machine learning is required for this voice interface.

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With Picovoice Console, users can create voice models instantly in their internet browsers. Once the user trains the modal, using Picovoice Shepherd the voice modal can be downloaded and uploaded into the microcontroller, without any expertise. This process of voice modal takes only a few minutes, end-to-end. Just log on to Picovoice Console and sign up for free, tailor your use case to train the voice models. Then, install Shepherd on your pc and follow its documentation. Get one of the supported microcontroller boards from and start building voice modal today!

The Picovoice Shepherd is free, it is free for personal use (students, researchers) and it also offers a free trial of 30-days for enterprise users. The prices for enterprise starts from USD 400/month. The Picovoice Shepherd supports the popular microcontrollers based on Arm Cortex-M from ST and NXP, with additional support.


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