Humanoid robot launch by TESLA

Recently Elon Musk mentioned that he would most probably launch prototype of humanoid robot next year.


“The 5ft 8inch humanoid robot which will be ready to perform various tasks starting from attaching bolts to your cars, to learning groceries at stores.”, doesn’t it seems fascinating to you ? ; doesn’t it seems you are in world

“The 5ft 8inch humanoid robot which can be able to perform various tasks ranging from attaching bolts to your cars, to learning groceries at stores.”, doesn’t it seems fascinating to you ? ; doesn’t it seems you are in world that you have dreamed while you was in your childhood ?; and probably yes for most of you, but now it will be not anyone’s dream as Tesla going to make it part of your life.
Additionally “It will eliminate repetitive, dangerous and boring tasks,” said Musk “the way forward for all physical work are getting to be a choice now. As such, the robot will”, Musk mentioned on his twitter, have “profound implications for the economy.”
And on thinking of all about this the first thought in our is about lot more expanses but musk said “it was important to us is that robot should not be super-expensive”.
“if you thinking about what we’re doing immediately as cars manufacturers, Tesla is arguably also the world’s largest robotics company because our cars aren’t but semi-sentient robots on wheels already,” Musk mentioned, “along with completely Self-Driving car, which may keep evolving, and also all the neural nets identifying the planet , learning to navigate through the planet , it quite is sensible to place that each one on to a humanoid form.”
The robot is “intended to be human friendly and navigate through a world built for humans,” Musk mentioned. He also mentioned that humans would be able to run away from it , overpower it as well. It’ll weigh about 125 pounds and can walk at about 5mph. Robot’s face will resembles with a screen.
Musk also invited engineers to join his team and help them to build this.


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