GOOGLE Recruiting Cloud Engineer, AI | New Opportunity at Google for Graduates | Off Campus Drive 2023


GOOGLE Recruiting Cloud Engineer, AI | New Opportunity at Google for Graduates | Off Campus Drive 2023

About Google

Google is a global technology company that has revolutionized the way we search, communicate, and access information on the internet. Founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google has grown from a small startup to one of the most influential companies in the world.

With its iconic search engine, it has become synonymous with finding information online. The search engine’s algorithm is constantly evolving to provide users with the most relevant and accurate results. Whether you’re looking for the latest news, researching a topic, or seeking answers to your questions, Google’s search engine is the go-to tool for billions of people worldwide.

Apart from its search engine, it offers a wide range of products and services that have become integral parts of our daily lives. Maps has transformed the way we navigate and explore the world, providing detailed directions, real-time traffic updates, and even street-level imagery. G-Drive allows users to store and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in the cloud, enabling seamless access from any device.

Google’s mobile operating system, Android, powers the majority of smartphones globally, giving users access to a vast ecosystem of apps and services. Additionally, it has made significant advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, with applications ranging from voice recognition to image recognition .

In recent years, it has been at the forefront of innovative technologies, such as self-driving cars (Waymo) and internet-beaming balloons (Project Loon), aiming to reshape various industries and improve the lives of people worldwide.

Despite its vast reach and influence, it has faced criticism and scrutiny over issues like privacy, antitrust concerns, and the spread of misinformation. The company continues to navigate these challenges while striving to uphold its mission of organizing the world’s information and making it universally accessible and useful.

As it continues to innovate and expand its services, it remains a key player in shaping the digital landscape and driving technological advancements. With its commitment to delivering relevant information and empowering users, Google has solidified its position as a leading force in the tech industry.

About The Job

The GCP team is dedicated to assisting customers in transforming their businesses and building for the future using cloud technology. Our products are engineered with a focus on security, reliability, and scalability, covering everything from infrastructure to applications and hardware.

We work with developers, businesses of all sizes, educational institutions, and government agencies to bring the benefits of our technology to life. Join our rapidly growing business and play a crucial role in understanding customer needs and shaping the future of businesses using technology to connect with customers, employees, and partners.

As a Cloud Engineer, you will play a key role in ensuring an exceptional experience for strategic customers transitioning to Google Cloud’s machine learning (ML) suite of products. You will design and implement machine learning solutions for customer use cases, leveraging core Google products.

Collaborating with customers, you will identify opportunities to transform their business with machine learning and deploy solutions, delivering educational workshops to help customers unlock the full potential of Google Cloud. You will have access to Google’s technology to monitor application performance, debug and troubleshoot product code, and address customer and partner needs. Lead the adoption of GCP solutions tailored to meet customer requirements.

Google Cloud accelerates digital transformation by providing the best infrastructure, platform, industry solutions, and expertise. We offer enterprise-grade solutions powered by Google’s cutting-edge technology, all on the industry’s cleanest cloud. Businesses in over 200 countries and territories rely on Google Cloud as their trusted partner for growth and solving critical business challenges.


  • Deliver effective big data and machine learning solutions and solve complex technical customer challenges.
  • Act as a trusted technical advisor to Google’s most strategic customers.
  • Identify new product features and feature gaps, provide guidance on existing product challenges, and collaborate with Product Managers and Engineers to influence the roadmap of Google Cloud Platform.
  • Deliver best practices recommendations, tutorials, blog articles, and technical presentations adapting to different levels of key business and technical stakeholders.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, a related technical field, or equivalent practical experience.
  • 3 years of experience building Machine Learning or Data Science solutions.
  • Experience writing software in Python, Scala, R, or similar. Experience with data structures, algorithms, and software design.
  • Ability to travel up to 30% of the time.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience working with recommendation engines, data pipelines, or distributed machine learning. Experience with data analytics, data visualization techniques and software, and deep learning frameworks.
  • Experience in software development, professional services, solution engineering, technical consulting. Expertise in architecting and rolling out new technology and solution initiatives.
  • Experience with core Data Science techniques.
  • Knowledge of data warehousing concepts, including data warehouse technical architectures, infrastructure components, ETL/ELT and reporting/analytic tools and environments.
  • Knowledge of cloud computing, including virtualization, hosted services, multi-tenant cloud infrastructures, storage systems, and content delivery networks.
  • Effective customer-facing communication and listening skills.


  • Health and Wellness
  • Financial Wellbeing
  • Flexibility and Time off
  • Family Support and Care
  • Community and Personal Development

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