Cognizant Off Campus drive 2024 | Hiring for Associate – Projects | Great Opportunity to explore

Cognizant Off Campus drive 2024 | Hiring for Associate - Projects | Great Opportunity to explore
Cognizant Off Campus drive 2024 | Hiring for Associate - Projects | Great Opportunity to explore

Cognizant Off Campus drive 2024 | Hiring for Associate – Projects | Great Opportunity to explore


Cognizant Technology Solutions stands as a global powerhouse in digital transformation and consulting services, revered for its pioneering solutions and unwavering commitment to excellence. Operating in over 40 countries and servicing clients across diverse industries, Cognizant is at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge technology solutions that catalyze business growth and transformation. Founded on principles of integrity, collaboration, and innovation, Cognizant empowers its workforce to excel and drive meaningful impact in the constantly evolving digital landscape. Its global footprint and reputation for delivering high-quality solutions make it an employer of choice for top talent seeking to make a difference in the world of technology.


The ideal candidate for the Associate – Projects position at Cognizant Technology Solutions should possess a Bachelor’s degree in Science or Engineering. This educational background provides a solid foundation in technical knowledge necessary to excel in a technology-driven environment. Additionally, candidates with a keen interest in learning and a drive to succeed will thrive in Cognizant’s dynamic and fast-paced work culture, where continuous learning and development are encouraged and supported.


In the role of Associate – Projects, you will assume critical responsibilities in ensuring the successful execution of various projects undertaken by Cognizant. Your duties will encompass:

  • Understanding, interpreting, and clarifying both functional and technical requirements for projects to ensure alignment with client expectations.
  • Analyzing assigned functional specifications, proactively raising queries, and engaging stakeholders to achieve clarity and consensus.
  • Providing essential support in developing proof of concept and contributing to coding development across various layers of the project architecture.
  • Actively seeking feedback from peers and senior developers, incorporating their insights to enhance the quality and efficiency of project deliverables.
  • Participating in rigorous code peer review sessions, diligently updating traceability matrices, and adhering to established processes and tools to maintain project integrity and quality standards.
  • Crafting, reviewing, and executing comprehensive unit test cases, meticulously capturing defects, and conducting thorough retesting during different project phases to ensure robustness and reliability of solutions.
  • Proactively contributing ideas for process optimization, sharing best practices, and actively participating in knowledge-sharing sessions to foster a culture of continuous improvement and innovation within the team.

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Key Information

In addition to holding a Bachelor’s degree in Science or Engineering, candidates for the Associate – Projects role should demonstrate proficiency in the following key skills:

  • Robotics Process Automation Tool
  • Automation Anywhere
  • MS Access
  • Experience: 0 – 2 years
  • Salary: Not Disclosed
  • Working Days: 5 Days
  • Job Type/Timing: Full Time, In Office

Additional Benefit:

At Cognizant Technology Solutions, we are committed to providing our employees with a supportive and rewarding work environment. In addition to competitive compensation, our comprehensive benefits package includes:

  1. Opportunities for Professional Growth: Joining Cognizant means being part of a team that works on cutting-edge projects and embraces emerging technologies. You’ll have the chance to expand your skill set, learn from industry experts, and take on new challenges that drive personal and professional growth.
  2. Comprehensive Training and Mentorship: We believe in investing in our employees’ success. That’s why we offer comprehensive training programs and ongoing support from experienced professionals. Whether you’re a recent graduate or an experienced professional, you’ll have access to resources and mentorship opportunities to help you succeed in your role and advance in your career.
  3. Collaborative Work Environment: Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do at Cognizant. We foster a culture of teamwork, innovation, and inclusivity, where every voice is heard and valued. You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with talented colleagues from diverse backgrounds, exchange ideas, and work together to solve complex challenges for our clients.
  4. Competitive Compensation and Benefits: In addition to a competitive salary, we offer a comprehensive benefits package that includes health insurance, retirement plans, and performance-based incentives. We believe in rewarding our employees for their hard work and dedication, and we’re committed to providing a total rewards package that recognizes and supports their contributions.

“Joining Cognizant means being part of a team that works on cutting-edge projects and embraces emerging technologies.”

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