Bluebear (Propelld) Hiring Interns | Opportunity for All | Business Development Intern


Bluebear ( Propelld) Hiring Interns | Opportunity for All | Business Development Intern

About The Company

Propelld is a cutting-edge financial technology startup that has revolutionized the way talented students in India access quality education and skill-based courses. By leveraging advanced technology and data-driven methodologies, Propelld identifies and supports motivated students who may otherwise face financial barriers hindering their pursuit of higher education and personal development.

In India, many capable students often have to forgo their dreams of pursuing skill-based courses due to the lack of adequate financial support. Traditional education financing options may be restrictive, leading to a substantial burden of loans and rigid repayment terms. Propelld steps in to bridge this gap and create opportunities for talented individuals to unlock their full potential.

The core philosophy of Propelld is rooted in empowering students to achieve their highest natural potential. To achieve this goal, the company employs a meticulous selection process, combining academic performance, aptitude assessments, and personal aspirations. By using sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence, Propelld identifies students with high potential and a genuine passion for their chosen fields.

Once the deserving students are selected, Propelld provides them with tuition financing tailored to their specific skill-based courses. Unlike traditional student loans, Propelld’s repayment model is innovative and flexible, linking repayments to a student’s return on investment (ROI) from the particular subject they have studied. This means that students are not burdened with rigid repayment terms that could become overwhelming, especially during the initial stages of their careers.

Through Propelld’s unique approach, students are motivated to excel in their chosen fields as their repayment amounts are directly linked to their financial success in the job market. This aligns the interests of the students and the organization, fostering a win-win relationship where both parties benefit from the student’s educational journey.

The impact of Propelld goes beyond individual success stories. By nurturing talent and enabling access to skill-based education, the startup contributes to a skilled and competent workforce in India. This, in turn, fosters economic growth and drives innovation across various industries, ultimately benefiting the nation as a whole.

In conclusion, Propelld is a beacon of hope for talented students in India, transforming their dreams into reality by providing access to quality skill-based education through innovative financing solutions. By leveraging high-end technology and a vision to empower students, Propelld not only supports individual ambitions but also contributes to the growth and progress of the country’s workforce and economy.

Job Description

As a representative of Propelld, your role involves interacting with both the counselors from partnered training institutes and student borrowers. Your responsibilities encompass coordinating the entire loan process, from approval to disbursal, and also gathering customer feedback to improve the overall experience.

Interacting with Propelld Partnered Training Institutes’ Counselors:
As a coordinator, you will establish strong communication channels with counselors from various training institutes that have partnered with Propelld. These interactions are essential to ensure a smooth process for identifying eligible students and guiding them through the loan application procedure. Key aspects of this interaction include:

  • Building rapport: Establishing a positive and professional relationship with counselors to foster a cooperative and collaborative environment.
  • Sharing loan information: Providing counselors with up-to-date information about Propelld’s loan offerings, eligibility criteria, application process, and any changes in loan terms.
  • Addressing queries: Addressing any questions or concerns counselors may have about the loan process, repayment terms, or other related matters.
  • Collecting student applications: Coordinating with counselors to collect loan applications from eligible students and guiding them through the necessary documentation.

Coordinating the Entire Loan Process:
As the loan process coordinator, you play a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless journey for student borrowers, from the initial application to loan disbursal. Your tasks involve:

  • Application processing: Reviewing and verifying student loan applications for completeness and accuracy.
  • Loan approval: Collaborating with internal teams to assess student loan applications and communicate approval decisions to both students and counselors.
  • Disbursal management: Overseeing the process of transferring approved loan amounts to the training institutes for students’ tuition fees.
  • Documentation support: Assisting students in preparing and submitting any required documentation, ensuring all necessary paperwork is in order.

Capturing Customer Feedback:
Gathering feedback from student borrowers and training institute counselors is vital for Propelld to continually improve its services and processes. Your role in this aspect includes:

  • Feedback collection: Actively seeking feedback from students and counselors at various touchpoints during the loan journey, such as after loan approval, disbursal, and repayment stages.
  • Feedback analysis: Analyzing the feedback received to identify recurring patterns, concerns, or suggestions.
  • Channelizing feedback: Sharing the feedback with relevant internal teams, such as customer support, product development, or marketing, to initiate appropriate actions for improvement.
  • Continuous improvement: Collaborating with cross-functional teams to implement enhancements based on the feedback received, thus enhancing the overall customer experience.

By efficiently coordinating the loan process, maintaining effective communication with counselors and students, and capturing valuable feedback, you contribute significantly to Propelld’s mission of supporting talented students and providing them with a seamless and empowering educational financing experience. Your efforts help Propelld create a positive impact on the lives of students pursuing skill-based courses, allowing them to focus on their education and future career prospects without undue financial burdens.


  • B.B.A/ B.M.S in Any Specialization
  • B.A in Any Specialization
  • BCA in Any Specialization
  • B.Sc in Any Specialization
  • B.Com in Any Specialization
  • Diploma in Any Specialization

Requirements / Skills

  • Communication Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Sales
  • Convincing Power
  • Marketing

Duration: 3 months

Stipend: Rs.5000 / Month

Location: Bhopal, New Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore/Bengaluru

To embark on this exciting journey with Bluebear, Submit your application, highlighting your skills, experiences, and passion for making a positive impact in healthcare.

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