SAP Recruitment 2023 | IT Business Services Associate Consultant | Great Opportunity for Graduates

SAP Recruitment 2023 | IT Business Services Associate Consultant | Opportunity for Graduates
SAP Recruitment 2023 | IT Business Services Associate Consultant | Opportunity for Graduates

SAP Recruitment 2023 | IT Business Services Associate Consultant | Great Opportunity for Graduates

About SAP

SAP, founded in 1972 by a small team of five visionary colleagues, embarked on a journey that would reshape the landscape of enterprise software and redefine business practices. Over the decades, it has evolved into a global powerhouse, leading the market in enterprise application software. Despite its growth, SAP’s commitment to its origins remains unwavering. Innovation is at the heart of SAP’s solutions, driving progress and enabling businesses to adapt to a dynamic world.

SAP’s core values emphasize an entrepreneurial mindset that nurtures creativity and cultivates enduring relationships with its workforce. Recognizing the power of diversity and inclusivity, it actively embraces these principles to maintain its competitive edge and ensure equal opportunities for all. This dedication not only transforms industries and economies but also elevates societies and safeguards the environment. By supporting businesses to run efficiently, SAP contributes to the betterment of lives globally, exemplifying that when businesses thrive, the world prospers.

Job Description

Job Role

The role of Junior Technical Landscape Owner entails being part of a specialized team of TLOs focused on a critical strategic customer account. Your responsibilities involve overseeing all aspects of SAP technology for this client. Working closely with fellow TLOs, you serve as the main point of contact and take end-to-end accountability for managing the customer’s landscapes. Additionally, you provide essential support to the Head of Technical Service Management and collaborate with your PLO counterparts to enhance processes such as alert management and automation. Your contributions extend to enhancing end-user satisfaction by addressing performance-related concerns. In this dynamic role, you play a pivotal role in optimizing operations and elevating the overall service experience for the customer.


  • Familiarity with Linux and Windows operating systems.
  • Solid grasp of OS-level system administration concepts.
  • Conceptual understanding of Relational and In-Memory DBMS.
  • Preferred hands-on experience with HANA and/or ASE.
  • Bonus: SAP technology exposure, especially in support or consulting.
  • Plus: Knowledge of technical planning, implementation, configuration, and integration of SAP solutions.
  • Experience with large/complex environment tasks like installations, migrations, upgrades, and operations.
  • Useful familiarity with Azure and AWS hyperscalers.
  • Understanding of virtualization technologies and cloud storage systems.
  • Good grasp of network concepts, including WAN technologies, DNS, firewalls, ports, routers, and subnets.
  • Basic knowledge of network and virtual technologies like load balancers and virtual machines.
  • Customer-focused mindset, prioritizing service quality and customer success.
  • Ability to translate customer business needs into technical requirements and user-friendly solutions.
  • Effective team player in international and virtual teams spanning global locations.
  • Proactive learning approach to continuously acquire new knowledge.
  • Strong analytical skills, solution-oriented thinking, and adaptability to support customer needs, collaborate across ECS teams, and handle occasional off-hours tasks.

Education and Qualifications / Skills and Competencies

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in one of the following areas: Computer Science, Engineering, Information Management or a related field.
  • Some know-how about SAP Technologies and Products is a big plus.
  • Excellent written, verbal communication and presentation skills to effectively communicate and escalate issues.


Ideal for university graduates or those with 1-2 years’ SAP tech experience. Requires strong IT foundation (DB, OS, network) from education. Not coding-focused, but ability to read and write short scripts desired. Prior SAP tech knowledge advantageous. Role demands deep hands-on SAP tech skills. Initial months include intensive formal and on-the-job training to refine abilities.

Language Skills

English advanced business level: Most interactions with colleagues and the customer will be in English.

Location: Bangalore / Pune , India

Job Segment: Cloud, ERP, SAP, Computer Science, User Experience, Technology

Employment Type: Regular Full Time

Expected Travel: 0 – 10%

“Unlock Your Potential: Join SAP’s Dynamic Team to Shape the Future of Enterprise Technology.”

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