Parallel Wireless Off Campus Drive 2023 | Opportunity for Engineering Graduates | Recruitment for Junior Software Engineer

Parallel Wireless Recruitment 2023 | Junior Software Engineer | Opportunity for Graduates
Parallel Wireless Recruitment 2023 | Junior Software Engineer | Opportunity for Graduates

Parallel Wireless Off Campus Drive 2023 | Opportunity for Engineering Graduates | Recruitment for Junior Software Engineer

About Parallel Wireless

Parallel Wireless is a prominent U.S.-based company at the forefront of challenging established legacy vendors in the telecommunications industry. It has achieved this through its unique unified ALL G (5G/4G/3G/2G) software-enabled OpenRAN solutions, which redefine the economics of network deployment for global mobile operators.

The company’s core innovation lies in its cloud-native OpenRAN and network architectures. By adopting cloud-native principles, Parallel Wireless offers mobile operators unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness in their coverage and capacity deployments. This approach also acts as a stepping stone towards the adoption of 5G technology.

A key differentiator for Parallel Wireless is its commitment to open collaboration with partners in the OpenRAN ecosystem. By fostering cooperation and standardization, the company has built the world’s first and largest fully-compliant OpenRAN ecosystem. This ecosystem plays a pivotal role in delivering next-generation wireless infrastructure at significantly lower costs, enabling a more equitable distribution of 5G access on a global scale.

Parallel Wireless’s OpenRAN portfolio is designed with its customers’ needs in mind. It empowers mobile operators to modernize their networks, reduce deployment complexities and costs, improve operational efficiency, and create new revenue streams. Moreover, it facilitates interoperability, enabling seamless integration of multi-vendor 5G networks.

The company’s impressive track record is reflected in the trust of over 60 global mobile operators, as well as various private industries and governments. These entities have embraced Parallel Wireless’s software-defined network portfolio to revolutionize their networks and reimagine the possibilities of modern telecommunications.

In recognition of its excellence, Parallel Wireless has been honored with over 65 industry awards. This acknowledgement underscores the company’s significant contributions to advancing multi-technology, open virtualized RAN solutions, and its dedication to shaping the future of global communication networks.

Job Description

Location: Bangalore

Job Type: Full-Time | On-Site

Job Role

  • Creating Setups, Software Upgrade, Bring-up, Maintenance: This involves designing and implementing network setups, performing software upgrades on various network components, initiating network bring-up procedures, and conducting routine maintenance tasks to ensure optimal network performance and reliability.
  • Inventory Management: Handling inventory management tasks, which include tracking network equipment, maintaining stock levels, and ensuring timely procurement and deployment of necessary hardware and software resources to support ongoing network operations.
  • Providing Support to Engineering Teams: Offering technical support and assistance to engineering teams, helping them troubleshoot and resolve complex issues related to network infrastructure, software, or configurations to ensure smooth network operations.
  • Joining Stack Development per Need: Collaborating with the development team to contribute to stack development efforts as required, which may involve programming, testing, and integrating new features or functionalities into the existing network infrastructure.


  • Proficiency in C/C++ programming languages gained through formal education, enabling the individual to write efficient and reliable code for various software applications.
  • Capable of effectively collaborating with fellow developers and stakeholders, conveying complex technical concepts and ideas within the software development environment.
  • Familiarity with Linux operating system internals, TCP/IP networking protocols, and multi-threading concepts, enabling the individual to work on system-level programming and network-related tasks.
  • Strong communication abilities essential for conveying project updates, discussing technical issues, and documenting software designs and implementations with clarity and precision.

Education: B.E / B.Tech

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