InfyTQ Registration For 2023 Batch | Best Chance to Get PPI – Infosys InfyQT Stepwise Registration for InfyTQ

InfyTQ Registration For 2023 Batch
InfyTQ Registration For 2023 Batch | Best Chance to Get PPI - Infosys InfyQT Stepwise Registration for InfyTQ

Are you a 2023 pass-out looking to land a job in Infosys? Good news! The Infosys InfyTQ certification exam is here. This is one of the best ways to land a job in Infosys. This article will cover everything you need to know about it.

InfyTQ Registration For 2023 Batch | Best Chance to Get PPI – Infosys InfyQT Stepwise Registration for InfyTQ

ABOUT InfyTQ 2023

InfyTQ is one of the most popular exams among engineering students especially from students who are from tier 3 colleges. InfyTQ gives you an opportunity to work in Infosys which is one of the biggest MNCs in the country.

InfyTQ 2023 Registration: Infosys certification program is designed for the technical background candidates to polish their coding and developing skills in various coding languages such as Java, Python, SQL, Oracle, Big data analytics, Android, iOS, and other demanded courses. Also, those who are normal coding skills, are eligible for the certification program.

Infytq mainly targetted for Information Technology (IT) domain and its development solutions, candidates who come with basic knowledge on coding development, aptitude, reasoning skills, Infytq best fit for them. Iftytq tests the candidate’s understanding of various topics and coding enhancement skills. Eligible candidates proceed for InfyTQ 2023 Registration and get verified by email address.

What is Infosys InfyTQ 2023 certification Exam?

The Infosys Certification program is an examination to test your industry readiness by determining your knowledge in Programming and Databases. What you get by clearing the assessment is a certification that you can flaunt as well as a chance to get interviewed at Infosys on the same day!

To Know How to prepare for InfyTQ 2023


To register for the Infosys Certification, you must be registered on InfyTQ and a student of B.E., B. Tech, M.E., M. Tech, M.Sc., MCM, or MCA completing the degree course in 2023

There is no percentage criteria for this examination


The InfyTQ examination for the Batch 2021 was conducted in two stages:

RoundDetails on what’s tested
Qualifying RoundProgramming, Database Management and Aptitude
Final RoundUpon clearing the Qualifying Round, you enter this Round.

This is the final Infosys Certification, which will test your in-depth Programming and Database Management expertise through objective and hands-on questions. 

Scoring 65% or above means you get:
1. The Infosys Certified Software Programmer certificate
2. A direct opportunity to appear in the behavioural interview for the Systems Engineer role at Infosys
Advantage RoundOptional for those who clear the Final Round (scoring 65% or above)

A test which will assess programming and other technical skills 

Clearing this round means an interview opportunity for Power Programmer and System Engineer Specialist roles at Infosys. You will be taken to a virtual interview to test your technical and behavioural skills.
InfyTQ Registration For 2023 Batch | Infosys InfyQT Stepwise Registration for InfyTQ



No. of Questions:40(MCQ)

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Pattern for Qualifying Round:

SectionWhat’s tested?No. of questions
Section IJava/ Python*20
Section IIDatabase Management System10
Section IIIAptitude10
InfyTQ Registration For 2023 Batch | Infosys InfyQT Stepwise Registration for InfyTQ

Time:60 mins

Important Note

  • All questions will be of objective type
  • Correct answer: +1 mark, incorrect answer: -0.25

To Know How to prepare for InfyTQ 2023


Time: 3 Hours


  • 1.20 MCQs based on Java/ Python Programming, Data Structures & Algorithms, OOPs Concepts, DBMS & SQL
  • 2.2 Coding Questions using Java/Python

Note : You need to score at least 65% marks in this round to be eligible for the InfyTQ certification. After clearing this round you will get an interview from Infosys as well as you will get a full time opportunity(PPO). This year it was conducted virtually.

Pattern for Advantage Round:

  • 3 programming questions of varying difficulty level, to be answered in 3 hours
  • Each question will have different weightage of marks
  • In addition to the programming language (Java/Python) selected at the time of booking a test slot for the Qualifying Round, you will have the option to attempt this round in other languages also.
  • Candidates who clear the Advantage Round will get a pre-replacement interview opportunity for either Power Programmer or Systems Engineer Specialist role based on their performance in this round. The interview for these roles will assess the technical and behavioral skills of the candidate. 

To Know How to prepare for InfyTQ 2023

InfyTQ 2023 Registration(Step Wise) :

Step-Wise infyTQ Registration For 2023 Batch | Infosys InfyQT Stepswise Registration

• Step 1: How to Register for InfyTQ: Candidates have to open the InfyTQ login Portal Page

• Step 2: Then Sign In/Register at InfyTQ Login Portal. If You are new user of InfyTQ, You have to register at InfyTQ login page and if you are already a member of InfyTQ then you have to login at InfyTQ.

• Step 3: Verify your email sent to your registered email address.

• Step 4: Read the instruction carefully and mark the checkbox to agree the terms and Conditions.

• Step 5: Inter Your Required Information: Candidate carefully fills the personal and academic details.

• Step 6: After completing the required information, Click on submit button.

• Step 7: Now, you have to select the “Program” option in the top left menu.

• Step 8: Click on Infosys Certification page under the Program section.

• Step 9: Click on Register now after reading about the Infosys Certification.

• Step 10: You have to complete your profile again just after clicking on “Registration Now”

• Step 11: Verify your details and Click on Ok button.

• Step 12: You have registered for Infosys Certification. Now, you have to click on “Book Slot” and register for InfyTQ Exam.

• Step 13: Now you have to select the Programming language, infytq exam date, infytq exam time or Slot.

Have further queries? Drop an email at and we will get back to you.


Examination Guidelines

System Requirements

Please ensure that the laptop/desktop computer you plan to use for taking the online tests fulfils the following system requirements. Taking the test on a mobile or a tablet is not recommended.

  • i3 Core processor or higher
  • 4GB RAM
  • Fully functional webcam. You can test your webcam here.
  • Google Chrome browser version 70 or above with disabled pop-up blocker. Taking the test on any other Web browser is not recommended
  • A stable Internet connection of a minimum 2 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload speed
  • Uninterrupted power supply for the duration of the tests.

To Know How to prepare for InfyTQ 2023

Location and Other Requirements

  • Select a location where you can remain undisturbed for the entire duration of the tests.
  • The desk or the walls around you must not have any writing or pictures of people.
  • The room should be as quiet as possible. Ensure there is no background noise such as music, television, people chatting.
  • The lighting in the room must be bright enough to be considered ‘daylight’ quality. Overhead lighting is optimal. Ensure that the source of light is in front of you and not behind.
  • Ensure you have a comfortable chair and are seated upright. Your face should be visible so that the webcam can detect and capture snapshots frequently. Partial face visibility will be considered a violation of instructions for the tests.
  • Ensure that there are no people around you. If anyone else apart from you is detected in the video, you will be disqualified from the Infosys Certification and recruitment process.
  • Use of online communication applications during the tests is strictly prohibited. Before you begin to take the test, ensure you close all programs and applications, including communication applications like Skype, Microsoft Teams, etc.
  • Use of mobile phone for any reason other than mobile hotspot and tethering is prohibited and will lead to disqualification from Infosys Certification and recruitment process.
  • You may keep stationery items with you for taking the tests. Use of calculators and similar devices is not allowed during the tests.
  • Do not switch out of the test screen to another window, as it violates the code of conduct for the test.
  • The test platform automatically tracks moving out of the test screen.
  • Login within 15 minutes from the start of the test slot time as the login window will remain open for 15 minutes once the test time begins. For example, if, as per the slot, the test is at 11 AM, then you must log in and start the test latest by 11:15 AM. If you miss the login window, you will not be able to take the test. Do note that Infosys does not consider any exemption in this regard.

Behavioural Guidelines

The entire duration of the test is Web-proctored. You will be on video, and therefore, please ensure the following:

  • You must dress as though you are in a public setting
  • You must not use headphones, earphones, or any other type of external audio equipment
  • You must not communicate with any other person by any means
  • You must not leave the video frame during the exam for any reason.

Have further queries? Drop an email at and we will get back to you.


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