GlobalLogic Recruitment 2023 | Hiring for Associate Software Engineer | Opportunity for Graduates

GlobalLogic Recruitment 2023 | Associate Software Engineer | Great Opportunity for Graduates
GlobalLogic Recruitment 2023 | Associate Software Engineer | Great Opportunity for Graduates

GlobalLogic Recruitment 2023 | Hiring for Associate Software Engineer | Opportunity for Graduates

About GlobalLogic

GlobalLogic stands at the forefront of the digital engineering landscape, spearheading transformative change for businesses worldwide. Through its adept fusion of experience design, intricate engineering, and data mastery, the company empowers global brands to conceive and actualize pioneering products, platforms, and digital encounters tailored for the contemporary era. With a profound presence across the globe, GlobalLogic propels clients into the realm of future-ready digital enterprises.

From its base in Silicon Valley, GlobalLogic orchestrates a network of design studios and engineering hubs that span the globe, effectively disseminating its profound proficiency to clientele spanning various sectors. Industries such as automotive, communications, financial services, healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing, media and entertainment, semiconductors, and technology reap the rewards of GlobalLogic’s innovative solutions.

Integral to GlobalLogic’s identity is its affiliation with the Hitachi Group, operating under the auspices of Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501). This partnership encapsulates a commitment to advancing societal well-being through technology and data-driven innovation, embodying the essence of the Social Innovation Business. By driving sustainable progress and elevating the quality of life, GlobalLogic, in collaboration with Hitachi, pioneers a path toward a more innovative and interconnected future.

Job Description

Embark on a rewarding journey with GlobalLogic as we invite you to join our dynamic team. Together, we’re driving a monumental software endeavor for a renowned enterprise specializing in cutting-edge M2M/IoT 4G/5G modules, catering to industries like automotive, healthcare, and logistics. Your role with us will be pivotal in shaping the future by crafting end-user module firmware, integrating novel functionalities, ensuring alignment with the latest telecom and industry benchmarks, and conducting meticulous analysis and estimations of client needs. By becoming a part of this initiative, you’ll contribute to technological progress and innovation on a global scale, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of connectivity and industry advancement.


  • Crawling & Data Extraction: Involves retrieving data from various e-commerce websites.
  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS: Proficiency in web development languages for effective data scraping.
  • SQL Mastery: Strong command of structured query language for efficient data management.
  • Regex Expertise: Skill in utilizing regular expressions for precise data extraction.
  • Solid OOPS Concepts: Strong grasp of Object-Oriented Programming principles.
  • Programming Languages: Familiarity with languages like C/C++/Python/Java for versatile coding.
  • MS Office Skills: Proficient in Google Sheets, MS Excel, Docs, and Slides for data handling.
  • Logic & Analysis: Excellent problem-solving skills with a keen analytical mindset.
  • E-commerce Tech: Understanding of e-commerce website dynamics and technology.


  • Timely Code Development: Skilled at crafting top-notch code promptly.
  • Independent Efficiency: Capable of working autonomously to accomplish tasks.
  • Error-Free Coding: Proficient in creating flawless programs/scripts and independent SQL queries.
  • Effective Solutions: Adept at delivering insightful analyses and efficient recommendations.
  • Clear Communication: Strong communication skills for precise verbal and written expression of issues and solutions.

What we offer

  • Exciting Projects: We focus on diverse industries like High-Tech, communication, media, healthcare, retail, and telecom, collaborating with global brands for impactful projects.
  • Collaborative Environment: Join a talented team in an open, global setting, fostering skill growth and overseas opportunities.
  • Work-Life Balance: Enjoy flexibility with work hours, remote work, paid time off, and holidays for a balanced life.
  • Professional Growth: Benefit from training programs, including communication skills, stress management, and technical certifications.
  • Great Benefits: Competitive pay, family medical coverage, insurance, pension scheme, maternity leave, bonuses, and referral rewards.
  • Fun Perks: Engage in sports, cultural events, subsidized food, office amenities like rooftop decks, and discounts at popular stores and restaurants.

“Join GlobalLogic’s dynamic team to shape the future of technology across industries, collaborate on innovative projects with global leaders, and enjoy a flexible work-life balance in a vibrant, inclusive environment.”

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