EY Recruiting DevOps Engineer | Opportunity for Batch 2023 | New Job for Freshers

EY Off Campus Drive 2024 | Opportunity for 2024 Graduates
EY Off Campus Drive 2024 | Opportunity for 2024 Graduates

EY Recruiting DevOps Engineer | Opportunity for Batch 2023 | New Job for Freshers

EY Recruiting DevOps Engineer | Opportunity for Batch 2023 | New Job for Freshers – EY offers you an extraordinary opportunity to shape a career that aligns with your individuality. With a global reach, comprehensive support, an inclusive environment, and cutting-edge technology, you have the resources to grow into the best version of yourself. Moreover, EY values your distinct voice and perspective, recognizing their vital role in further enhancing the organization.

By joining us, you can craft a remarkable journey for yourself while simultaneously contributing to the creation of a more prosperous working world for everyone. Together, we can build an unparalleled experience that celebrates your uniqueness and fosters a better future for all. With EY, seize the chance to make an impact, embrace your potential, and participate in shaping a more inclusive and innovative environment. Join us today and embark on a fulfilling career that leaves a lasting imprint on the world.

About EY

Discover the exceptional opportunities that await you at EY, a globally renowned professional services firm. With a strong emphasis on inclusivity, cutting-edge technology, and support, EY provides a platform for individuals to thrive and make a positive impact. Explore how you can shape a unique career while contributing to building a better working world.

At EY, we offer more than just a job – we offer a chance to build a rewarding and distinctive career. With our global scale and reach, you’ll have the opportunity to work on diverse projects that span industries and geographies. Our inclusive culture values diversity and empowers individuals to bring their unique perspectives to the table. We believe that embracing different voices fosters innovation and creates a better working environment for all.

As an EY professional, you’ll have access to state-of-the-art technology and tools that empower you to deliver exceptional results. We understand that staying ahead in a rapidly changing world requires constant adaptation and innovation. That’s why we invest heavily in cutting-edge technology and digital solutions. From advanced analytics to artificial intelligence, you’ll have the resources to drive transformative change and help our clients navigate the complexities of today’s business landscape.

We recognize that our people are our most valuable asset, and their success is our success. At EY, you’ll be supported by a strong network of mentors, coaches, and colleagues who are committed to your growth and development. Our comprehensive learning and development programs provide the training and resources you need to excel in your career. Whether you’re a recent graduate or an experienced professional, we offer a range of opportunities to enhance your skills, broaden your knowledge, and advance your career.

EY is dedicated to making a positive impact on society and shaping a better working world. Through our sustainability initiatives, pro bono work, and community engagement programs, we actively contribute to social and environmental causes. By joining EY, you’ll have the chance to be part of a purpose-driven organization that values making a difference. Together, we can create a more inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous future for all.

Join EY today and embark on a unique career journey within a global organization that values your individuality. With a focus on inclusivity, cutting-edge technology, and support, EY provides a platform for you to thrive personally and professionally. Together, we can build a better working world while creating exceptional experiences for ourselves and making a positive impact on society.

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About The Job

Build a unique career at EY, a global organization that celebrates your individuality. With our expansive reach, unwavering support, inclusive culture, and advanced technology, you can unleash your full potential. Your distinctive voice and perspective are invaluable in shaping EY’s continuous improvement. Join us to create an exceptional professional journey and contribute to a better working world. At EY, seize the opportunity to become the best version of yourself while making a positive impact on society. Experience growth, inclusivity, and innovation by joining EY today. Together, let’s shape a brighter future for all.


  • Btech degree
  • Good knowledge of AWS, Terraform.
  • Able to understand the requirement and transform into technical specs.
  • Identify the AWS services to be created.
  • Develop Terraform code to create the services.
  • Deploy it on respective environment and test it.
  • Should have good communication skills and with positive and learning attitude.
  • Team player with strong interpersonal skills

What Working at EY Offers ?

At EY, we are committed to assisting a diverse range of clients, including start-ups and Fortune 500 companies, with a wide array of projects. As an EY professional, you will have the opportunity to engage in inspiring and impactful work. Our approach combines education, coaching, and hands-on experience to ensure your personal growth. We highly value our employees and provide individual progression plans, empowering you to take control of your own development. Within a short span, you will assume responsible positions with challenging and stimulating assignments.

Being part of our interdisciplinary environment, you will benefit from a strong emphasis on high quality and knowledge exchange. Additionally, we offer a range of perks, including:

  • Support, coaching, and feedback from highly engaging colleagues who will contribute to your professional growth.
  • Opportunities to acquire new skills and advance your career, enabling you to continuously evolve and thrive.
  • The freedom and flexibility to shape your role in a way that aligns with your preferences and work style.

At EY, we believe in nurturing talent, providing a conducive environment for growth, and fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence. Join us to embark on an enriching journey, where you will contribute to diverse projects, receive valuable support, and have the opportunity to develop and excel in your career. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on our clients and the business world.

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EY Recruiting DevOps Engineer | Opportunity for Batch 2023 | New Job for Freshers | Join EY


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