Cloud Technology : The Underrated Power


After the introduction of cloud technology, our baggage is constantly becoming lighter, safer and faster. Cloud technology has changed the world by persistently increasing productivity by decreasing delays, by giving us the freedom to access our data anytime and anywhere we want.

Cloud Technology has been very helpful in the dealing with the COVID 19 pandemic by continuously enabling the development of the vaccine by giving important information in the time of distress. 

Cloud computing is helping companies and people to reach huge heights by helping them in building and scaling their productions. Example is the Pharmaceutical companies that have successfully utilized cloud technology to deliver their trial and final batches. 

Cloud technology must help us in decreases costs, advances flexibility of operations, develops business resilience, strengthens innovation capabilities, and supports to provide to market requirements swiftly. It is helping start up and small-scale businesses by giving them access to high-level technologies like computing power, algorithms, and programming tools.

This technology has been used by companies to improve work-from-home, provide telehealth, digital activities, entertainment streaming, and many more.
Is our Data safe in Cloud?
Cloud technology provides us substantial data protection services. As we all know that online data is always an endangered site to cyberattacks, public cloud providers give high-level data protection powers like database monitoring, data encryption, and access control to the users.
Cloud technology secures your private data without exposing your classified information. This allows company to have authority over most of the private data of company.
Making Smart Choices with Cloud
It is the choices we make and abilities of the software (that we have chosen) that gives us power over the unknowns. So, before using any software, you should be aware about all the possibilities it brings for you.
There are 3 main Cloud capabilities –
• Software as a Service (SaaS
• Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS):
• Platform as a Service (PaaS)


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