AMD RYZEN Software Developer Hiring Challenge | AMD Software Developer Hiring 2022 -India

AMD RYZEN Software Developer Hiring Challenge | AMD Software Developer Hiring 2022 -India
AMD RYZEN Software Developer Hiring Challenge | AMD Software Developer Hiring 2022 -India

AMD RYZEN Software Developer Hiring Challenge | AMD Software Developer Hiring 2022 – India | Latest Off Campus Drive 2022

About AMD RYZEN Software Developer Hiring Challenge

For nearly 50 years, AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) has driven innovation in high-performance computing, graphics, and visualization technologies ― the building blocks for gaming, immersive platforms, and the datacenter. Hundreds of millions of consumers, leading Fortune 500 businesses, and cutting-edge scientific research facilities around the world rely on AMD technology daily to improve how they live, work, and play. 

Founded in 1969 as a Silicon Valley start-up, the AMD journey began with dozens of employees focused on leading-edge semiconductor products. From those modest beginnings, AMD has grown into a global company achieving many important industry firsts along the way. AMD today develops high-performance computing and visualization products to solve some of the world’s toughest and most interesting challenges.

AMD RYZEN Software Developer Hiring Challenge | AMD Software Developer Hiring 2022 -India
AMD RYZEN Software Developer Hiring Challenge

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What you do at AMD RYZEN Software Developer Hiring Challenge changes everything

At AMD, we push the boundaries of what is possible.  We believe in changing the world for the better by driving innovation in high-performance computing, graphics, and visualization technologies – building blocks for gaming, immersive platforms, and the data center. 

Developing great technology takes more than talent: it takes amazing people who understand collaboration, respect, and who will go the “extra mile” to achieve unthinkable results.  It takes people who have the passion and desire to disrupt the status quo, push boundaries, deliver innovation, and change the world. If you have this type of passion, we invite you to take a look at the opportunities available to come to join our team.

Job Role : Software Developers

AMD is looking for an experienced engineer for an exciting role in Server CPU software development team. This person will be a member of a core team and will work with the latest hardware and software technology. The person will interact closely with key AMD technical experts to ensure the best possible performance and results on AMD platforms.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Years of experience: 0-5 years.
  • Tech Stack: C/C++/Python with Linux/windows user space level coding. We also use multicore debugging, profiling tools for performance analysis.

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Challenge Format:

  • 10 MCQs.
  • 2 Programming Questions based on DS and Algo.

Challenge Date And duration:

AMD RYZEN Software Developer Hiring Challenge | AMD Software Developer Hiring 2022 -India
AMD RYZEN Software Developer Hiring Challenge

Recruitment process:

After getting shortlisted at HackerEarth, candidates will be interviewed by  AMD sw architects (2-3  rounds)  followed by HR (1 round).

Guidelines for AMD RYZEN Software Developer Hiring Challenge

  1. Ensure that you are attempting the test using the correct email ID.
  2. You must click Submit after you answer each question.
  3. If you need assistance during the test, click the question mark (?) in the lower-right corner of the page to raise a ticket.
  4. Once the test has started, the timer cannot be paused. You have to complete the test in one attempt.
  5. Do not close the browser window or tab of the test interface before you submit your final answers.
  6. It is recommended that you ensure that your system meets HackerEarth’s compatibility requirements and check your Internet connection before starting the test.
  7. It is recommended that you attempt the test in an incognito or private window so that any extensions installed do not interfere with the test environment.
  8. We recommend that you close all other windows and tabs to ensure that there are no distractions.

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Frequently Asked Questions For AMD RYZEN Software Developer Hiring Challenge

Programming Challenge

1. Where will the challenge take place?

This challenge is an online challenge.

2. Will I receive a reminder notification before the challenge begins?

You will receive a reminder e-mail 3 hours before the challenge begins only if you have registered for the challenge.

3. How do I participate in this challenge?

To participate in this challenge, do the following:

a. Register for the challenge

b. Visit the challenge page on start date/time

c. Click Participate in Challenge

4. Can we take up the challenges from mobile platforms?

No. We don’t support mobile platform for taking up the challenges. We only suggest our users to participate in the challenges from laptop/desktop.

5. What type of questions will I have to solve in this challenge?

The questions in this challenge are of the following types:

  • Programming problems
    • Write code in the online code editor that is provided with each problem and submit it.
    • You can make multiple submissions. The platform automatically considers the best submission.
  • Multiple choice questions (MCQ)
    • Questions with multiple choices will be provided.
    • You should select the correct answer from the list of choices.
  • Subjective problems
    • Instructions for each problem differ
    • Enter the solution in the text area that is provided and submit it

6. Are the programming questions restricted to specific languages?

The languages that you can write code in will be mentioned in the challenge details, if applicable.

7. What will happen in case of there is an issue with my computer or Internet connection?

If there is an issue with your computer or your Internet connection, you will not lose your previously submitted answers. They will be saved on HackerEarth’s servers. You can log in again and continue coding from where you stopped.

However, the timer will continue running, which is why it is advised that you ensure that your computer/Internet connection is working properly before you begin the challenge.

8. My code works in my local IDE, however, it throws compilation errors when I run it on the platform interface. Why does this happen?

Every problem has the following two buttons:

a. Compile & Run

  • When you click Compile & Run, the is tested against the sample input and output.
  • This ensures that you are able to test your code against predefined sample test cases before you submit your code.

b. Submit

When you click Submit, the code is checked extensively against internal test cases. The following parameters are considered while checking the code:

  • Time limit: The code should run within the stipulated time otherwise it will throw a Time Limit Exceeded (TLE) error.
  • Memory limit: The code should run within the give memory size otherwise it will throw a Memory Limit Exceeded (MLE) error.
  • Errors during runtime: Specific test cases check for Runtime Errors (RE) only.
  • Correct answer: If your answer is incorrect, then you will see the message Wrong Answer (WA) on the screen. This means that your program is not printing he correct answer. Ensure that your program conforms with the output format that is required.

9. Is it possible to change my submission after I have submitted a task?

Yes, you can edit and submit the solution to a question (that you can view and edit) any number of times before the challenge-completion time window closes.

Note: Some tests have timed sections. After the time limit is reached, you will not be able to revisit questions in that section.

10. How does the online judge determine whether a solution is correct?

An online judge is a code checker and not a human being. The code checker or “judge” tests your code automatically. Therefore, you must write your code accordingly.

For each problem, based on the specifications mentioned in the problem statement, there will be one or more input files and corresponding (correct) output files. The program that you create is run on each of the input files and the corresponding output must match the (correct) output files in order.

Your program will be marked incorrect in the following cases:

  • Output files (generated by running your code) do not match the pre-generated output files
  • Output files (generated by running your code) matches all the pre-generated output files, however, it is not in the order in which the pre-generated output files are arranged

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11. How does the time limit work?

Your program must read, process, and output the result for all input files within the specified time limit.

The input file will be of the format that is specified in the problem. This means that if each input file contains multiple test cases, then your code must pass all the test cases within the specified time limit.

12. How does the total execution time work?

Your code is tested multiple times against different input files. The displayed execution time is the total time spent executing each input file. Hence, Total execution time <= (Time Limit * Number of input files)

Your program is terminated in the following scenarios:

  • If the time that is required to execute each input file exceeds the time limit execution that is set for any input file.
  • If the total time that is required to execute all the input files exceeds the total time limit allowed.

13. How does the total memory consumed work?

The total memory consumed by a program is the sum of the memory that is consumed by the program in stack, data, heap, and BSS. To understand more about the address space of a program and the memory consumed, refer to this image or this explanation.

14. My program doesn’t compile. Why?

  • C/C++
    • Ensure that you are using a compiler that complies with the standards.
    • For example, do not use Turbo C++. Code that compiles in Turbo C++ will often not compile on the online judge.
    • Also, remove ‘conio.h includes’ in your code.
  • Java
    • We support multiple classes and inner static classes.
    • Your code may throw errors if the inner classes are not static.
    • Please note that we will remove this constraint very soon. We will update you when this happens.
  • Other languages
    • The compilation errors that you see on the screen are self-explanatory.
    • However, if you require any more information, please contact us at

15. Does TLE error mean that my code is correct but slow?

No, Time Limit Exceeded or TLE means that your solution has exceeded the amount of time that is allowed for problem execution or for a specific test case. Your solution never finished running in time and it was stopped in between. There is no definite way to know whether the code was correct.

16. What does Wrong Answer (WA) mean?

WA means that your program ran successfully but gave an incorrect answer. This could mean either of the following:

  • Your program contains a bug
  • You have not interpreted the problem text correctly

Apart from the sample input, your code will also be evaluated against multiple input and output cases. Therefore, even if your code passes the sample input correctly, it may not have passed one of the other input and output cases because of the answer is incorrect.

17. What happens if I indulge in plagiarism?

At HackerEarth, we take cheating/plagiarism very seriously. For more information about consequences of cheating, read our plagiarism policy.

18. Why is my submission queued?

Your submission is queued because of simultaneous submissions by multiple users. You will receive the result of your submission in real-time as soon as it is processed.

19. My submissions are not evaluated. What should I do?

There may be an issue with the online judge due to which your submissions are not being evaluated. Send an e-mail to

20. Will I receive the results of the challenge? If yes, when?

You can view your ranking on the leaderboard for all challenges in which participation is not confidential. This leaderboard is updated in real-time.

21. Where can I view the solutions for the problems of this challenge?

Once the challenge is finished and the problem has been moved to a practice section, you can view the solutions (editorials) in the Practice section.

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AMD RYZEN Software Developer Hiring Challenge | AMD Software Developer Hiring 2022 -India


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