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Subject wise Books

Analog Circuits

Best books for Analog Electronics & Circuits

Network, Signals & Systems

Best books for Network, Signals & Systems


Best books for engineering maths M1, M2, M3

Electronic Devices

Best books for electronic devices, circuits, semiconductors

Digital Circuits & Electronics

Best books for digital electronics & circuits


Best books for Analog, digital, wireless, satellite, radio, Image processing, transmission lines, etc.

Material Science

Best Material Science books for various engineering.


Best books for Electromagnetics, EMT, electromagnetism.

Control System

Best books for control systems, LTI system, feedback system, etc.

Measurement& Instrumentation

Best books for electronic measurement & instruments


Best books for microprocessors, architecture, embedded system design, etc.

Antenna and Wave Propagation

Best books for Antenna & Wave Propagation


Best books for VLSI system.

Digital Image Processing

Best books for Image processing

Information Theory & Coding

Best books for Information Theory & Coding

Microwave & Radar

Best books for MIcrowave circuits, RF, Radar systems.